Disclaimer/Review Policy

All words are my own unless otherwise stated.

My rating system:
1 Star – Something (or multiple things) in this book was a huge turnoff and I would not recommend this to anyone or DNF.
2 Stars – Meh. Not my cup of tea, but might be someone else’s.
3 Stars – OK/Neutral. Little complaints and little ravings.
4 Stars – Good! I was engaged and would recommend to others.
5 Stars – Great and I really think others should read this! I also like to rate 5 stars if it defied my expectations.

My style of reviews goes as follows:

  • Rating
  • Blurb
  • Highlights (aka Pros)
  • Dimmers (aka Cons)
  • Book stats including publisher, author’s site, and where to buy the book

Admittedly, I am a lenient reviewer. I think writing a book is an incredible feat and I can usually find something to like about one I am able to finish. Lower ratings tend to be ones that are difficult for me to finish for a particular reason(s) and I will always try my best to explain!

If you have any specific requests for the book review please let me know. This can include:

  1. A deadline for when you’d like the review posted
  2. Any additional places you’d like the review posted other than on this blog and Instagram
  3. Any specific links you’d like me to include in the review

At this time, I am closed for review requests.

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