Comparable Titles to How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao

You’ve heard me talk about this book previously, but I’d thought I’d share some titles that are comparable to the upcoming YA Thriller How We Fall Apart by Katie Zhao. This book is available for pre-order now and is out August 3rd, 2021! There is also a pre-order campaign to receive character cards! More information can be found here:

The book can be pre-ordered at the following:

Now for comparable titles!

Anna K and Crazy Rich Asians gives off the similar vibes and characters of the Asian elite that can be found I some of the characters in How We Fall Apart. Anna K is more comparable because this book is also YA. The aspect of the elite vying for popularity and getting into top schools can also be compared to Gossip Girl. From the infamous Gossip Girl to “A” in Pretty Little Liars and the messages from “Truly Devious” you can draw comparisons to this overseeing and drama-inducing character called “The Proctor” in How We Fall Apart. Lastly, the book that has been compared the most to How We Fall Apart is One of Us is Lying primarily due to the high school setting and a murder where fellow students are the suspects.

Have you read any of these titles and do they make you interested in How We Fall Apart? Don’t forget to add the title on Goodreads and StoryGraph!

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